Blood and Magic

Into the Storm

Where they Meet New Friends and Discover Old Foes

After fleeing back to the village of Lost Tooth the remaining sorcerers stop at the inn while Inzoka (the innkeeper) gets the group some hot food and good spiced wine. A brutal blizzard locks the whole village down for a week. During this time the group has determined that you have at least the following options before you:

*Stay here in Lost Tooth and make the best of things until the weather changes and you can safely make it down the mountain paths back towards to Oak Hollow.
*Take the winding paths and roads from the village that will take you further west but eventually down out of the mountains. Doing this will get you to a trade town called Pine Branch at the base of the mountains, and on the White Pine river. Enough traffic, travelers and other civilized things come this way that the group should be able to find what they need there. Pine Branch is a bit bigger than Oak Hollow and much more cosmopolitain.
*Find you way back to the monastery to fight the evil there or to perhaps find information.
Delve again back into the Dragon Tooth mines and try to find some more adventure.

The group has had a chance to expand on their experiences of the past days and they have been able to advance their skills (you are all now 3rd level – new PCs will be 3rd as well).

What will you do next?



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