Leamyo Vinnce

Halfling Fire Elemental Sorcerer


Leamyo was the only child of the village Herbalist(Leema) aka Ma and the village Bard (Lymo) aka Pa….
Lymo had always told great stories of how his father had been one of the members from the village that went forth to kill a Fire Elemental that had been raging in the woods. How only a few returned from that great battle, and when his father returned his hair was changed to a blaze of red and orange….

Well many started to believe the story once Leamyo was born…. for he was born with a head of hair that that stood straight up and was a blaze of Red and Orange. The truth is there was alot more odd than just the hair, after the third time Leamyo burned up his room. Leena and Lymo both knew a lot more came back from that battle in the woods…

Leamyo was not a bad child just one you had to keep an eye on all the time… there was spark in his eye… a flame to his wounderlust… and some real heat to his anger… Not fitting in well with the village it was not a shock and a bit of a relief… Leamyo set forth to make his place in the world with a very odd set of friends….

After having his first two kills (two over feed undead)… After making his way through weeks of frozen wilds…. After escaping the castle of an evil cult…. Finding a Drgaon and thinking it just may want to chat was the thing that killed this little Halfling….

Leamyo Vinnce

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