Tuck Efreetson aka Tuck-Fu

Last son of a family of fighter-monks


Race/Class: Human Sorcerer 3, Efreet Bloodline
AC: 13 HP: 20
Fort: ’+1 Ref: ’+2 Will: ’+2

Greatsword, boar spear, light crossbow, pack of smokes

(1) Mage Armour
(1) Ray of Enfeeblement
(1) Enlarge
(1) Protection from Evil

Martial Weapons (Greatsword)
Skill Focus


Tuck is the last son of Logan and Shu-lee Efreet. The Efreets were merchant guards of the finest quality and also ran a school, known as the Red Emperor’s School of Magnificent Defense, teaching the fighting arts, both armed and unarmed. (Note: Red Emperor’s School of Magnificent Defense and the Monastery of the Iron Fist had a contentious and jealous relationship) Hired a year ago by a consortium running a copper mine on the shores of Loch Jormund to protect its interests and train its caravan drivers, Logan and Shu-lee were killed in a rock slide. That carried them and the entire caravan into the unknown depths of the loch. The Efreet’s first son, Kambei, now runs the school; Tucks older sisters help with the school and the household, though both are to be married soon. It was the news of his parents death that unlocked Tucks latent sorcererous powers.

Never the calmest of kids, always seeming to bounce from one thing to another and continuing to hang out with the flame haired Hauflin even when told not to; finding out his parents (on whom he depended on as the stable force in his life) had died AND that he has sorcerous power has NOT improved Tucks world view. Though at heart he’s still pretty good, at this point in time he’s pretty pissed off.

… which may explain why he recently stole his father’s greatsword and lit out for places unknown

Tuck Efreetson aka Tuck-Fu

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